Student Staff

G Complex:

Manchester: Katheryn Madson
Charisma : Gabrielle Power
Lincoln Center: Elizabeth Ripple
Aquarius: Nicole Berning

GM Complex:

  Shenandoah: Greg Bowen
Ocean Boulevard: Evan Hannon

GW Complex:

El Dorado & Kamasutra:                                 
Sirius & Titan: David Shittu

HB Complex:

Sybaris: Steven Yang
Chez Nous: Grant Kleiman
Lakota: Erin Kamann


HA Complex:

House of Buckingham: Samuel Wreh
Selene: Nydak Kur
Camaraderie: Sudeep Hamal
Clapper: Dean Zinda

Sweetland Hall:

1st North: Hannah Beacom
1st South:                        
2nd North: Madison Felty
2nd South: Mitchell Riibe
3rd North: Courtney Anderson
3rd South: Keaton Rommel

Living and Learning Program Assistants:

Fine Arts:                      
Culinology: Shelby VanDyke
Mustang Traditions: Desiree Bauer
Access, Opportunity & Success (AOS): Ivan Carrillo
Access, Opportunity & Success (AOS): Jalisa Ross
Exercise Science: Aaron Bible
Agriculture: Ryan Riebel

Foundation Residence Apartments:

Katherine Speiker


Senior Resident Assistants:

Living & Learning Communities:
Taylor Welisevich
Upper Class & Apartment Living Communities:
Alexandra Froman
           First Year and Traditional Communities:
Amber Volkmann
Sweetland Hall:
Michael Dombrowski

Student Office Assistants:

Kourtney Peterson
Michelle Stoner


Residence Life Student Office Manager:

Katherine Speiker


Graphic Designers:

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