Saturday Session

Next Saturday Session is September 24th at SMSU. 

Transportation and Food will be provided.

Fall 2015 Semester

(dates will be updated for Fall 2016)

  • Tutoring began in September
  • September 29th-Career Exploration-10th Graders at SMSU
  • September 5th-YME students-Study Skills/Tips Session
  • September 29th– SMSU Career Exploration-10th graders
  • October 2nd-YME parade
  • October 10th-Saturday Session at SMSU-Study Tips & ACT Prep 9am-12pm for YME and MHS
  • October 15-16 Juniors & Seniors College Visits
  •  October 24th-ACT Test Day
  • October 26-30 FREE college application week
  • November 4th– Meet the Thai Students at SMSU
  • November 9 -SMSU College Visit for MHS & YME Seniors
  • November 12– Thai Closing Ceremony at SMSU
  • November 18-YME only Juniors & Seniors College Visit with Robin
  • November– No Saturday Session
  • November  20 through Dec 8th– MHS tutoring in computer lab
  • November 23-27  NO MHS Tutoring
  • November 24th-27 NO YME Tutoring
  • December 1st– MHS pay day, December 3rd is YME pay day. Please make every effort to show up this day or you will not get paid.
  • December 5– Mandatory Saturday Session for all UB students, presentation from the House of Hope. Please talk to Amy or Torrie if you are unable to attend.  Seniors will also be given information about SMSU AOS program and Summer Bridge.
  • December 14– Jan 8 NO MHS Tutoring ***Please listen to announcement in school or Facebook incase anything changes
  • December 22-Jan 1st NO MHS Tutoring


Spring Semester

  • Jan 14 Who am I? MLK Event at SMSU 6:30pm Actors needed
  • Jan 18th 7am MLK Breakfast at SMSU
  • Jan 18th 10am MLK Event “Food for Kids”
  • Feb 3– Financial Aid– Students & Parents at MHS  2:45pm
  • Feb-All UB Seniors will apply for Financial Aid this month
  • Feb-UB student attending Summer Bridge will apply this month for the program
  • Feb-Saturday Session
  • Feb-Help Seniors apply for scholarships
  • March 12, 2016 Southern MN TRIO Day at Minneapolis Community & Technical College
  • March 24-28th Senior Trip for YME and MHS-Chicago
  • March-Help Seniors apply for Scholarships & Housing
  • April-mailed Summer Program Brochures
  • April-MNTRIO Conference in Twin Cities for all UB students
  • April-Help Seniors apply for scholarships & Housing
  • June 3 YME Graduation- YME seniors presented with a certificate of completion for Upward Bound


  • May Summer packets are due, hand in at tutoring or bring packets to orientation
  • May 30th Orientation for Summer Program at SMSU
    • May 31-July 8 Summer Program
    • 5 to 6 weeks summer program, 5 weeks of summer classes/evening activities, 6th week is travel week
    • Summer Trips are to Prairie Woods and Alexandria/Brainerd Area
    • June 30th Banquet for the Summer Program at SMSU 5pm
  • July 8 End of Summer Program


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