Upward Bound Tutoring

Weekly on: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 
Time: T. and Th. 3pm to 5pm after school
Wed. 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Location: MHS High School Library

Weekly on: Tuesday and Thursday 
Time: Advising, Lunch, Study Hall, and 3pm to 5pm after school
Location: YME High School Library 

Weekly on: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 7am to 8:30am before school and 2:45 to 4:30pm after school
Location: WHS High School Media Center

Tutors for MHS

Name Email Phone Subject Area(s)
Nicole Berning nicole.berning@my.smsu.edu 320-434-0053 English & Reading
Amber Clobes amber.clobes@my.smsu.edu 507-766-2012 Math & General Subjects
Evan Hannon evan.hannon@my.smsu.edu
Tess Novack theresa.novack@my.smsu.edu 651-343-6010 Math & Science


Tutors for YME

Name Email Phone Subject Area(s)
Marly Wagner marly.wagner@smsu.edu 507-537-7372 All
Chris Webb chris.webb@smsu.edu 507-537-6388 Social Studies, History, Economics, and Political Science


Tutors for Worthington

Name Email Phone Subject Area(s)
Thomas Williams thomas.williams@smsu.edu 507-537-7363 All

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