College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences

At Southwest Minnesota State University the College of Arts, Letters and Sciences provides students with opportunities to explore scientific inquiry, the fine arts, the humanities and world language, the social sciences, mathematics and computer science, literature and creative writing. In accordance with the mission of the University, the College of Arts, Letters and Sciences will challenge and encourage students as they learn to understand civic engagement, participate in collaborative research and acquire the communication, analytical and critical thinking skills and the cultural competency necessary to navigate in a complex and changing world.

The College of Arts, Letters and Sciences focuses on teaching the liberal education courses required for all students regardless of their major or minor course of study. A significant number of the liberal education and Minnesota Transfer Curriculum courses are housed in the College of Arts, Letters and Sciences. In addition to providing the foundation for a liberal education, the College offers a wide variety of major and minor degrees that can be found in the Academic Catalog.

Dr. Aimee Shouse is the Dean of the College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences.  The departments in this college are:  English; Fine Arts and Communication; Spanish, Humanities, Philosophy; Mathematics, Computer Science; Science; Social Science; Honors Program; and the Library.  
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