Student Resources


The following is a list of helpful resources.  

  • Ask an Advisor
    • You may ask your academic questions here and we will respond or refer it to the appropriate Department or person.
  • Contact the Academic Deans' Office
    • Use this online form to directly email the Dean's Office.
  • Student Handbook
    • Information about services available at the University and University procedures. 
  • Grade Appeal Form
    • Students wishing to appeal a grade must complete this form. Please refer to the Grade Appeal process under Academic Appeals in the Student Handbook.
  • Department Chairs
    • Here is a list of department chairs and department administrative assistants. 
  • Academic Commons
    • Study, meet friends and seek assistance with coursework in the Academic Commons.
  • Counseling Center
    • Services are free and confidential.
  • Student Success Center
    • Ready to help students achieve academic success, as well as social and professional growth.

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