Office of Business Services - IL 139

Office Hours:  8:30 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday
Telephone: 507-537-6219
Fax: 507-537-7173

Cashier's Window - IL 132 & 133

Cashier's Hours: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm, Monday - Friday
Telephone: 507-537-7117
Fax: 507-537-7173


 Important Dates for Students

  •  SPRING TERM 2014:
    • For important Spring dates, go to Spring 2014 Important Dates
      • Spring tuition and fee, room & meals payment due date is January 17, 2014
  •  SUMMER TERM 2014: 
    • For important Summer dates, go to Summer 2014 Important Dates
      • Summer tuition and fee, room & meals payment due date is May 23, 2014 (regardless of the start date of the course).
  • FALL TERM 2013:
    • For important Fall dates, go to Fall 2013 Important Dates
      • Fall tuition and fee, room & meals payment due date is August 30, 2013

Registration Cancellation for Non Payment:

PAYMENT DUE DATES AND STATEWIDE MNSCU REGISTRATION CANCELLATION FOR NON-PAYMENT POLICY:  If a student has not met minimum payment criteria by the end of the payment due date, per policy we must cancel the student's course registrations. Please help us avoid doing this by reading how to meet the minimum payment criteria.  Thank you.

If your courses are cancelled, please click here for more info.


What You Will Find in Business Services

SMSU Financial Statement

Southwest Minnesota State University is a member of the Minnesota State College and University (MnSCU) System. As a member of MnSCU, Southwest Minnesota State's financial statements are a part of the MnSCU financial statement. SMSU is also individually audited by an independent auditing firm. SMSU's and MnSCU's financial statements are available online at A copy of SMSU's audit has been placed on reserve at the library.

 PowerPoint slides from the New Student Registration Business Services and Financial Aid are available here


Story Image Ground Broken for Track & Field Complex

 SMSU and Marshall Public Schools are collaborating on the Marshall Regional Track & Field Complex.

Story Image Fine Arts Celebration April 3-May 3

 The eighth annual Fine Arts Celebration is April 3-May 3

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