SMAC is a self-funded entity within the academic marketing program at Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU). Its mission is to service the marketing and research needs of Southwest Minnesota, while giving “real-world” experience to undergraduate and graduate-level student employees.

The center was founded by its executive director, along with the assistance of two senior-level marketing students in 2002. Never using grants or university dollars during its six years of service to the area, SMAC has completed over 250 client projects.

Executive DirectorHandshake

SMSU Marketing Professor, Michael K. Rich, serves as the center’s executive director. Dr. Rich is a 50-year veteran of the marketing profession. He completed 27 years in industry with such firms as Kennecott Copper, Eastman Kodak, Nordson Corporation, Automated Packaging and North-West Telecommunications before entering academe and completing his Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh at the age of 56. He also serves as a consultant for the Small Business Development Centers of Minnesota and one of six national seminar leaders for the American Marketing Association.

Fees and Reimbursements

The objectives of SMAC are not profit-driven. SMAC is located within Southwest Minnesota State University and exists to enhance the learning experiences of undergraduate and graduate students. SMAC is totally self-sustaining and uses neither state funds nor grants for its operation.

All projects are under the coordinated daily direction of the Executive Director who holds a Doctorate in Marketing. As a faculty member at SMSU, the Executive Director donates his time to SMAC. The costs for the projects are estimated to directly compensate the students involved and to periodically purchase supplies, computers and related equipment required for the center to be effective in carrying out its mission to the community and region.

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