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The McFarland Library houses the Striegel Archives. This is an amazing repository of historical documents and items from all aspects of the University's history. A large number of documents are now available in the digital archives, a new facet of the archives that makes viewing the University history easy for anyone regardless of their location. The student newspapers, alumni magazines, campus news, founding documents and more are available online. Explore the documents available and discover our rich history:

Alumni Heritage Gallery

The Alumni Heritage Gallery is located in the Student Center Upper Level, just upstairs from the campus bookstore. The Alumni Heritage Gallery preserves and exhibits the tradition and excellence that have been hallmarks of Southwest over the years.
The gallery is divided into three main areas:

  • Southwest Minnesota State College, SMSC (1963-1975)
  • Southwest State University, SSU (1975-2003)
  • Southwest Minnesota State University, SMSU (2003-present)

The gallery also includes recognition of past alumni award winners. A large display of homecoming posters and memorabilia offer interesting visual reminders of times past.

The common thread tying all the gallery items together is the accomplishments and support of the University’s alumni. If you have items you would like to add to the gallery or you require more information, please contact Stacy Frost in the SMSU Foundation, 507-537-6483 or email:

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