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Claire Allen - Full Ride Scholarship Recipient

SMSU Scholarships

Southwest Minnesota State University offers a wide variety of scholarship opportunities including need-based scholarships awarded through our financial aid office, University Awards based on academic performance, and hundreds of merit-based scholarships made possible by our generous donors. 

Current Student Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, SMSU offers hundreds of scholarship opportunities to current students. Connect with your program’s department office manager to learn more about scholarships that are specific to your major or contact the financial office with questions related to non-program specific scholarships. All donor-funded scholarships are managed through the SMSU Foundation and can be accessed through our online management tool, AwardSpring!


First Year  Scholarships

SMSU offers many scholarships to new entering students each year, including University scholarship packages and private donor-funded foundation scholarships. The University scholarship packages are offered directly through the SMSU Admission office. All donor-funded scholarships are managed through the SMSU Foundation and can be accessed through our online management tool, AwardSpring! 

First Year Scholarship Information

Apply for First Year Scholarships

Transfer Scholarships

SMSU also offers scholarship opportunities to transfer students, including University funded Mustang Transfer Scholarship as well as private donor-funded scholarships. Connect with your admission counselor to learn more about the Mustang Transfer scholarship! All donor-funded scholarships are managed through the SMSU Foundation and can be accessed through our online management tool, AwardSpring!

Transfer Scholarship Information


I would like to thank you for choosing me for this scholarship! The money from this scholarship will make it easier for me to afford college and worry less financially. I will show my gratitude for this scholarship by furthering my education and maintain good grades in school! Once again, thank you!

Cesar Carrillo
Cesar Carrillo, Exercise Science Major

I would like to thank the donors of this scholarship for helping me attain my dream of becoming a social worker. Scholarships, like this one, make my dreams possible. In my future career, I will remember all the people who made it possible for me to attend college and try to give back to the community that helped me achieve my dream. Again, I thank you for offering me this scholarship; I feel honored for the opportunity you have given me.

Cynthia Winch
Cynthia Winch, Social Work Major

I would like to thank all the donors who are helping me pay for my education at SMSU. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. Thanks to your generosity, my financial burden is lessened. I plan to make use of this opportunity by doing the best I can in my classes. I will make sure to continue to work hard to make you proud to have awarded me with this scholarship. Like you are giving back to your community, I cannot wait to give back to mine with my career in accounting. Thank you for helping me further my education! Your help is bringing me closer to my goals.

Jacey Schiager
Jacey Schiager, '21 Accounting Major

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. It is a great honor to receive such a generous award. I cannot thank you enough for choosing me to be the award winner. This support has relieved much financial stress and will not be forgotten. Once again, thank you for your generosity.

Morgan Frank
Morgan Frank, Exercise Science Major

I am honored to be the recipient of this scholarship. This has allowed me to start my education goals and career. This monetary help will encourage me to pursue my passion and dreams with courage. My educational pursuits would not be possible without the generous support from you. With the help of this scholarship, I will be able to focus more on the most crucial features of school education. Thank you for your continued support and investment in my future.

Hailemichael Hagos
Hailemichael Hagos, Computer Science Major


Please email or call 507-537-6286.

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