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Equity 2030

Minnesota’s moral and economic imperative necessitates that educational equity gaps be eliminated. Minnesota State’s guiding principle of Equity 2030 aims to eliminate educational equity gaps at all Minnesota State colleges and universities by 2030. Equity 2030 is an approach to intentionally rethink the way Minnesota State and our colleges and universities operate on a day-to-day level. As institutions of higher education, our core mission is represented by teaching and learning.

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Strategic Dimensions

  1. Enhanced Access: Enhancing access to higher education by strengthening partnerships and collaboration with K-12, business & industry, community-based organizations, and philanthropic partners to expand and grow current programming and identify new ways to support students.
  2. Student Academic Success: Establishing guided learning pathways that focus on academic preparation, progression, and accomplishment within an area of study and career.
  3. Student Success: Engagement and Support: Student experience within the institution, both academic and non-academic, including supporting basic needs.
  4. Data-Guided Decision Making: Building technology infrastructure and capacity for deeper data analytics, and expanding campus capacity to interpret data and use it to guide decision-making.
  5. Financial Resources and Support: Expanding financial resources and support for students and growing the financial resource base for campuses.
  6. Workforce Diversity and Talent Development: Incorporating the local and national context with the changing student and employee demographics and needs, focusing on cultural competence development, inclusive hiring practices, and improved campus climate.

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