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Mustang Pathway

The Mustang Pathway Program is an alternate entry program to allow more students to earn their degree at SMSU. We understand that not everyone has access to the same college prep work. We also know that grades and test scores may not reflect a student’s potential. The Mustang Pathway Program meets students where they are and helps them get on track to a degree.

For more information contact Jeet Sausen at

Students in the Mustang Pathway Program participate in a free five-week experience to strengthen English, reading and study skills in an engaging and supportive environment. The Mustang Pathway Program helps students transition to the university with focused coursework before the start of the academic term. Students who successfully complete the Mustang Pathway Program are admitted to SMSU, and are required to join the Pathway Scholars, a first-year student cohort.


Required Online Orientation:

October 30 – November 3, 2023

Move to Campus:

November 5, 2023

Classes Start:

November 6 – December 8, 2023


Required Online Orientation:

July 15- July 19, 2024

Move to Campus:

July 21, 2024

Classes Start:

July 22- August 16, 2024


In line with Minnesota State’s 2030 Goal to “eliminate the educational equity gaps,” the Mustang Pathway Program is an adaptive entry program with transition points that meets students where they are. The program is designed to help students achieve growth, success, perseverance and resiliency to matriculate to graduation. As reflective of MinnState FY2020 and Beyond Strategic Repositioning, the Mustang Pathway Program plans to eliminate “the educational equity gaps across racial/ethnic groups, socio-economic classes, rural and urban divides, and historically marginalized segments of the population” (MinnState 2019, p.2).

How to Apply

Student admission to the Mustang Pathway Program is based on the student’s high school GPA or ACT scores, whatever is higher. We encourage all students to apply directly to SMSU to have their application package reviewed for admission to SMSU. However, this is not a requirement. Students can apply directly to the program. If the application package does not meet the requirements for direct admission to SMSU, students will be referred to the Mustang Pathway Program. This program allows those students another route to completing their degree with SMSU with no additional time added to their chosen degree program.

Step 1:

Contact Jeet Sausen with any questions.

Step 2:

Apply to Mustang Pathways.

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