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Program Eligibility and Benefits


Students eligible for the Mustang Pathway Program are those students traditionally denied access to higher education due to low academic rank or low ACT test scores. Students admitted to the program will range in high school GPAs from 1.70 to 2.5 or with ACT test scores that range from 14 to 20.


  • Free Program - Students have the opportunity to improve English, reading and math skills in a highly interactive, student centered learning environment.
  • Estimated Savings - By participating in the Mustang Pathway Program students save an estimated $1,800.00* in tuition and fees (5 credits).
  • Admission to SMSU - Students who successfully complete the Mustang Pathway Program are admitted to SMSU.
  • Pathway Scholars - Students are required to participate in the Pathway Scholars’ cohort in the fall and spring of their first year.
  • Block Registration - Guaranteed registration to preselected courses through block scheduling.
  • On-campus Housing Scholarship - Awarded a graduated on-campus housing scholarship of $4500, dispersed over four years.
  • Living and Learning Community - Participate in a learning community that aims to foster healthy, positive relationships, success strategies, and additional academic support.
  • Tutor Supplement - Students have access to tutorial instruction services throughout their academic career.
  • Pathway Leaders - Students who participate in programming are eligible to be nominated for a Mustang Pathway Leadership award.

*Tuition and fees subject to change. Estimated costs only.

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