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All-Southwest Reunion: Sept. 30, 2017

The All-Southwest reunion is planned for Saturday, September 30, 2017 following the Mustang Football game. The Red Baron Arena will be reunion central for all departments, majors, clubs and organizations wishing to participate.  If you would like your affinity group represented at the reunion, please let the Foundation/Alumni office know as soon as possible.  The Alumni Office will provide the framework for the event, but are looking for your help in organizing and hosting the smaller affinity groups at the reunion.  Please let us know if your group plans on participating in this University-wide celebration! (Email:

We can help with contacting your group. Contact the SMSU Alumni Office at 507-537-6266 or email

Small Groups Participating in the All-Southwest Reunion

Below is a list of the groups and the contact person(s) for it and their email contact, if available. 

Accounting: Mike Boedigheimer  Email:

Admission Ambassadors: Kate Tamm ’13  Email:

Agriculture: Gerald Toland Email:

Antipodes: Ann Laurier ’83

Band: Donna Schwartz ’03 Email:

Baseball: Brad Engebretson ’76, Darrel Weiner ’75  Email:

Basketball, Men’s: Brad Bigler ’02/MS ’09  Email:

Basketball, Women’s: Tom Webb ’98  Email:

Business Admin/Management: Ann Laurier ’83

Campus Religious Center: Becki Johnson

Cheerleading: Britta Monger ’15, Kathy Jacobson ’78  Email:

Choir: (Malcolm) Neal Wahlman ’75  Email:

Class of 1983: Ann Laurier ’83

Class of 1987: Janine Teske ’87 Email:

Cross Country, Men’s & Women’s: Dan Allen Email:

Culinology: Joyce Hwang  Email:

ENACTUS/SIFE: Beka Danielson Email:

English, Literature & Creative Writing: Marianne Zarzana Email:

Environmental Science: Emily Deaver  Email:

F-Hall Alumni: Janine Teske ’87  Email:, Tom Moldenhauer Email:

Fine Arts (Art, Music, Forensics, Radio/TV, Theatre and Drama Club): Diana Holmes, Pat Brace and Sheila Tabaka Email:,

Football: Cory Sauter  Email:

Golf: Ross Webskowski ’02/MS ’06 Email:

Honors Program: Brett Gaul ’00  Email:

HRA: Kathy Jacobson ’78

Justice Administration and Social Sciences: BC Franson, Email:

Library: Pam Gladis '95  Email:

Manchester Hall: Scott Korgel

Mustang Maniacs: Josh Scholten ’05, Chris Volzke ’05

Mustang Traditions: Elise Kazmerzak ’13  Email:

Non-Traditional Student Organization: Shirley Peotter '89 Email:

Professional Writing & Communication: Dr. Amanda Bemer, Email:

Resident Assistants: Jason Mortvedt ’78,  Janeen Perrizo ’08, Scott Voss ’08, Lori Wicks ’07  Email:

Retirees: Eileen Thomas Email:

RN to BSN (Nursing): Laurie Jo Johansen  Email:

Selene, Camaraderie, Clapper, and Buckingham 1985 – 1990: Missy (Simenson) Lies, Barbie (Provo) Hentges, Jodi (Groskreutz) Lemcke, Tara Taggart Email:

SHO, Student Hospitality Org.: Julie (Laabs) Vis ’93, Gail (Borgrud) Gregoire ’93, Stacy Frost ’93 Email:

Soccer: Erin Kasmarik-Mallett Email:

Softball: Jamie Dunn  Email:

Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE): Tim Burns ’72

Tennis: Adam Henning ’11/MBA ’14  Email:

Track and Field, Men’s and Women’s: Dan Allen Email:

Volleyball: Terry Culhane ’78  Email:

Wheelchair Basketball: Derek Klinkner ’12/MS ’14 Email:

Wrestling: Jesse Nelson  Email:

Writing Center Tutors & Staff: Lori Baker  Email:

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