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English 151 - Academic Writing Resources

The text for this course is The St Martin's Guide to Writing, 9th edition by Axelrod and Cooper

Rubric - 2014

English 151 Syllabus

Core Essay Overview

Academic Inquiry--Core Essay Series

Sample Assignment Explain a Concept Essay

Sample Assignment Presenting Opposing Positions Essay

Tweaked Sample Assignment Presenting Opposing Positions Essay

(this version assignment makes absolutely explicit the expository nature of the essay and is designed to prevent students from lapsing into argumentation. Use it if students are conflating explanation with persuasion.)

Sample Researched Argument Essay with Works Cited Page

Sample Assignment Researched Argument Essay

Syllabus:  151 Assignment Descriptions

Sample Assignment Profile

Sample Assignment Explain a Concept

Sample Assignment Researched Essay

8 Rules for Simple Outlining

Library Research Guide Points of View Reference Center Debatable Issues Topics

SMSU Library Citation Style Guides

Sample Assignment Rubric Presenting Opposing Positions Essay

Sample Assignment Rubric Researched Argument Essay

Text and Readings Supporting Presenting Opposing Positions Essay Instruction Part 1

Text and Readings Supporting Presenting Opposing Positions Essay Instruction Part 2

Text and Readings Supporting Presenting Opposing Positions Essay Instruction Part 3

Sample Student Essays, Expository and Persuasive--From Axelrod and Cooper's Sticks and Stones and Other Student Essays

Sample Student Essays

These essays run the gamut in grades from A to C+

Example Student Essay Explain a Concept

Example Student Essay Argumentative Research Paper

Example Student Essay Opposing Viewpoints Paper

The Essay

Differences between College Writing and High School Writing

Revising Strategies for College Writers-Deep Revision

Modes of Development for Expository and Persuasive Essays

Library Research

Library Research Strategies for Essays 3, 4, and 6 (Points of View Reference Center)

Library Research Handout:  EBSCO Products

MLA Format and Source Documentation

MLA Sample Pattern Document First Page

MLA Sample Pattern Document Lesson and Process

MLA Page Format

MLA Sample Works Cited Page

MLA Formatting Quotations

MLA In-text Citation Style

Attribution/Avoiding Plagiarism

Sample Annotated Bibliography Entry, Print Book

 Sample MLA Annotated Bibliography 

Assessing Student Writing

Targeted Grading Sets Up the Writing Conference

Targeted Grading Sample Essay

Handling the Grading Load More Efficiently


Literature 120 Resources

Sample Syllabus LIT 120

Sample LIT 120 Assignments

LIT 120 Textual Database



English Department Rubric

Sample Assignments:  Fiction, Poetry, Drama

Sample Assignments Improved:  Fiction, Poetry Drama (includes standards, MTC competencies)

Sample Syllabus 1

Sample Syllabus 2 Inventing the University Bartholomae

Sample 3



Critical Approaches to Literature Slideshow

Applying Feminist Critical Approaches to Maxine Hong Kingston's 'No Name Woman' Slideshow

Handout Applying Feminist Critical Approaches to Kingston's 'No Name Woman'

Write Literary Analysis Essays Poetry/Imagery

Hamlet Lecture Notes

Administrative and Professional Development Resources

College Now Handbook: Handbook

Instructor/Mentor Guidelines:  Guidelines


Writing Assessment

Assessing Student Writing Gellis

Assessing Student Writing Haynes

Composition Theory

Linda Flower and John Hayes on the Writing Process Model (cognitive approach)

English Resources Page for Students

Welcome Students!  This page is designed to give you course syllabi and resources for English 151 and Literature 120.  English 151 is an academic writing course.  You will choose a debatable issues topic, will conduct inquiry driven academic research to write a series of essays that explain the topic, explain two opposing points of view on the topic, and argue one side of the debatable issue.  You will also create an annotated bibliography and a problem statement essay. 

Here is the course syllabus:  English 151 Syllabus 

This quick overview explains the major essay assignments for the course:  Core Essays

An Introduction to Academic Inquiry and Academic Research:  Overview/Core Essays

Academic Inquiry and Introduction to Essay 1: Essay 1

The College Essay:  Essay

Revising Like a College Writer:  Revision

You will use the Points of View Reference Center Database to choose a topic and begin your research.  Use this presentation to learn how to access and use the Reference Center: 

Points of View Reference Center How To

And you will want to evaluate the university credible sources that you use to develop your essays.  Here's how:                Tips for Evaluating Sources

You will also want to do database searches and e-books searches.  These tutorials will help you to widen your academic research skills.  Ebooks               Basic Database Search                Advanced Database Search

You will document your sources.  This resource will help:  Library Citation/Documentation Guides MLA and APA Style

Links to Online Resources:

Purdue Online Writing Lab MLA Guide:

Diana Hacker Online Handbook:

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