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Graduate Credit for Prior Learning

What is Credit for Prior Learning?

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is academic credit awarded to students who successfully demonstrate university-level learning achieved through experiences outside of the classroom setting.  This learning can be through work experiences, civic activities, community volunteerism, and other informal learning opportunities.  CPL is not awarded for the experience itself, but for university-level learning which entails knowledge, skills, and competencies that students have obtained as a result of their prior learning experience. 

Because other educational institutions may have different polices for awarding or accepting CPL, SMSU cannot guarantee that any credit awarded for prior learning will transfer to other colleges or universities.

Graduate CPL Credit Offerings

  • BIOL 589 - Special Topics in Biology
  • CHEM 589 - Special Topics in Chemistry
  • COMM 589 - Special Topics in Communications
  • ECON 589 - Special Topics in Economics
  • MATH 589 - Special Topics in Math
  • PHYS 589 - Special Topics in Physics

Policy and Procedures

Policies and Procedures regarding CPL can be found here.

Graduate CPL Process

  1. Contact the College Now Office or Graduate Studies Office to inquire about graduate CPL credits.
  2. Talk with department faculty to determine if credit for prior learning is an option.
  3. Complete the Part-Time Special Admit form.
  4. Use StarID/password to log into and complete the Credit for Prior Learning-Portfolio Review e-form.
  5. Work with a faculty member to compile evidence of prior learning into a portfolio.
  6. Submit portfolio for review to faculty.

For additional information, please contact:

Jessica Mensink
Interim Director of Concurrent Enrollment, College Now
(507) 537-6390

Cori Ann Dahlager
Director of the School of Graduate Studies

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