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The students at SMSU have several labs in which they may work.  We use these to expose our majors to a variety of platforms and programming environments.  We want our graduates to be comfortable adapting to new technologies.  There are four microcomputer labs in Charter Hall (CH) that are available to all students.  CH 126 has 30 Windows machines, CH 102 has 24 Windows machines and CH 128 has 24 Macintoshes. Each of these can be scheduled for classes or when no class is scheduled, are open for student use.  In addition, CH 104 has a variety of Windows and Macintosh machines and is never scheduled for class

The department also has a teaching lab with 24 SunRay 3 thin-client devices being served by a Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 Sever in Science and Math 230.  We also have an open lab in Science and Math 226 that contains additional SunRay 3 thin-client devices also served by the Enterprise T5240.  These labs are primarily used by the Computer Science program but are open to students and faculty in both programs.

In addition to the labs we have three mobile stations equipped with a laptop and a high lumen projector.  These allow us the ability to bring computing facilities to the classroom.  In this way we do not have to monopolize the small but growing number of Smart classrooms on campus and have access to the specialized software only used by our program.

The MnSCU system has full licenses for MAPLE and Mathematica. MAPLE is available on all the machines on campus. Faculty and students may install MAPLE on their personal machines as well. The Mathematics program also has sufficient licenses of Minitab and Geometer's Sketchpad to allow any of the Window's labs to be used for our Statistics courses or for our Geometry course.

Math Lab

Students can get help on assignments and course materials in the Math Lab, located in the Academic Commons. The Academic Commons is open on Monday through Thursday from 9am to 9pm and on Friday from 3pm to 5pm.  Math tutors are normally available beginning at 3pm.The department provided funds for hiring some student helpers. The Math Lab logged over 2000 student visits during FY 2012. Initial estimates indicate that the number of visits will have increased this year.

Mathematics Operating Budget

In past years, unless a program requested a change and demonstrated a need, the amount allocated for operating expenses remained the same. The table below shows the budget balances, amount spent and carryover since fiscal year 2009. The amount spent and annual balance for FY 2013 is as of February 14, 2013.

Beg Balance Carryover Aval Balance Amt Spent
FY13 $8,275.00  


FY12  $6,625.00   $0.00


FY11  $5,675.00  $6,528.60  $8,268.76  $3,934.84
FY10  $5,675.00  $5,240.56  $6,528.60  $4,386.96
FY09  $5,675.00  $3,119.98  $5,279.72  $3,515.26

The Mathematics budget request for FY 2014 is given below.

Mathematics Budget Request for FY 2014
Rent and Maintenance Contracts $1,680.00 Copier
Student Salaries $3,600.00 Tutors in Math Lab
Travel and Meals $775.00 Women in Mathematics Conference
Supplies and Equipment $2,300.00 Printers, Paper, etc.
Purchased Services $650.00 Major Field Test
Misc Expenses $150.00
Total Budget Request $9,155.00

Until recently, programs and departments were allowed to accumulate any carryover. The Mathematics program would routinely save its carryover to periodically upgrade our laptops and software..  In August 2011, the decision was made to change the budget process and carryovers were frozen.  We do not know how we will be able to upgrade our equipment and software in the future. The cost for any of these items would consume majority of our annual operating budget.

Last Modified: 8/31/20 3:27 PM