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Early Childhood Education - License Only

Currently a MN Licensed Teacher?
Interested in adding Early Childhood to your license?

Educators currently licensed to teach in Minnesota may wish to supplement their licensure by adding Early Childhood Education.  If you are interested in additional licensure, this is the place for you.  The information and links on this page will walk you through the process of adding that additional licensure.

Step 1. Apply to SMSU  
You must apply to SMSU before we can begin to make any determinations.  Once you have applied and are admitted to SMSU, we can begin the process of reviewing your license and transcripts to determine the best path for you. Here is the Application, select "Early Childhood Education 2+2 Pathway" as the major for the online program.

Step 2. Print "Checklist for Early Childhood License Only" 
The Checklist for Early Childhood License Only was created to assist you in keeping track of the tasks that need to be completed as we go through the evaluation and determination process.  Use it as your guide to check off what you have completed and know what is coming next.

Step 3. Determine between seeking a 2nd degree and seeking a 2nd license 
In some cases students would benefit most from a second degree in Early Childhood Education; in other cases, a second license only is the best academic path. Once you are admitted, your transcripts can be evaluated and this determination can be made.

Step 4. Complete "Teaching License Inquiry" Form 
The Teaching License Inquiry Form is a short online form that is required for students seeking a second license only. This will provide us important information on your teaching license information which will also help us determine the best academic path for you.  Whether your teaching license is current or expired, in state or out of state, please complete this form to the best of your knowledge so we can provide you with the most accurate information on educational options.

Step 5. Send Official Transcripts to SMSU 
In order to determine which academic path is most beneficial, SMSU will need official transcripts from all prior institutions of higher education.  We are able to electronically retrieve transcripts for any/all MnSCU institutions, but you will need to arrange submissions of official transcript from any college or university that you may have attended that is out of the state, private, or part of the University of MN system.

Step 6. Collect & Submit Syllabi for Any/All Education Courses 
In order to determine if specific courses in education will transfer to replace required courses in the Early Childhood Education license, syllabus information on prior education courses will need to be collected then submitted to SMSU.  SMSU cannot evaluate based upon course title only.  Syllabus information or at a minimum course outlines need to be submitted so that course content can be reviewed to see if the prior course meets current academic and Board of Teaching standards.

Step 7. Collect & Submit Lab/Field Experience Evaluations 
In order to determine if specific courses in education that require lab/field experiences will transfer to replace required courses in Early Childhood Education that also require lab/field experiences, the assessment documents completed by the mentor of that placement will need to be collected and submitted to SMSU.  In order to review course equivalencies these placement assessments are required.  They are also required by the Board of Teaching so without documented assessment of all lab/field experiences, student may be informed courses and labs need to be repeated.

At this point, SMSU will have what is needed to complete your evaluation and the information will be forthcoming.  While you are waiting, you can continue to complete the following steps 

Step 8. Complete Checklist 
There are a few more steps listed on the checklist (apply for financial aid, complete orientation, etc.) that you can just go through and check off.  Your admission letter to SMSU will have instructions on how to complete many of these final tasks so you will learn about them in additional communications.

Step 9. Any Questions 
You can direct any questions to:  Lori Wynia, Ed.D. by phone at 507-537-7424 or by email to

Last Modified: 8/27/18 7:51 AM