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Extended Learning Exercise Science Options

Offered on the Campuses of Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Normandale Community College and North Hennepin Community College

Exercise Science is a new and growing field of study. It is a broad-based discipline in health, fitness, and human performance. An Exercise Science B.S Degree prepares graduates for a successful career in the exciting field of exercise and fitness or for an advanced degree in graduate or professional school. Throughout the curriculum, courses in Exercise Science emphasize the practical and real-life applications of the content. This approach enhances learning and better prepares students for a successful career in the field.

Emphasis of Program

The collaboration between Southwest Minnesota State University and the community college campuses is designed to deliver the Exercise Science degree on the community college campuses.
Students enroll at both institutions simultaneously and enter the 4 year degree program as first semester freshman or as transfer students.

A Quality Education

The Exercise Science degree on the community college campuses is taught with the same quality and rigor as the SMSU on-campus degree.
The faculty at the community colleges and SMSU are committed to student learning, quality experiences and achievement.

Lab Experiences and Practical Application of Knowledge

Exercise Science students develop skills in analyzing, assessing, and enhancing all aspects of human movement. In the Biomechanics Labs students study movement with motion analysis software to capture, store, and critique video sequences of human motion. 

In Exercise Physiology Labs, students gain valuable insight into the body’s response to exercise using treadmills, bicycle ergometers, and metabolic gas exchange technology. These experiences focus on designing effective training programs in strength, explosive power, cardiovascular endurance, and anaerobic capacity.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research highlights the original work of SMSU undergraduate students.
Students work closely with a faculty member to design and administer an in-depth research project.
This type of research and mentorship develops understanding and professionalism related to the field. 

Contact: SMSU Morgan Betker   ARCC Ryan Olson or Gary Cook  NCC Jeremy McNamara   NHCC Melissa Lott or Daniel deMoraes

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