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Gold College


GOLD College Spring Session

GOLD College is an exciting program that continues to offer lifelong learning experiences even during a Pandemic! 

Anyone that wants to stay connected and is looking for new lifelong learning opportunities,
is welcome to join the FREE GOLD College Class - “Our US History in Three Meetings’.
Starting May 14th, popular SMSU instructor Dr. Jeff Kolnick will explore
some of the highlights in US History in 3 FREE ZOOM meetings. 
The class is free to everyone!!! 
Classes will run from 10:00 – 11:30, with a 15 minute ‘coffee and snack’ break in the middle.

Class topics/Meeting days:

  • Thursday, May 14th- What is History and what is American Exceptionalism?
  • Thursday, May 21st  - Creating and Recreating Democracy in the United States of America
  • Thursday, May 28th- The United States and the World

Interested?  Email for more information.


What is GOLD College?

Growth Opportunity Learning Development

Study Groups

  • Non-credit classes present for two hours, one day a week during a  6-week term

  • No grades, tests or attendance

  • Topics may include: art, history, computer, current events, music, writing, health  or physical well-being

Special Features

  • Guest Speakers

  • Opening Ceremony

  • Educational field trips

Social Activities

  • Local tours, museum visits, theatre events, luncheons, and other events

Is GOLD College for YOU?

  • Adults who are looking for lifelong learning opportunities.

  • Individuals who want to explore new interests, continue learning and make new fields.

  • GOLD College is open to adults whose formal education may have ended early in life, or those who obtained advanced degrees and anyone in between.

For more information on GOLD College or any of its sponsored events, contact:
  Marcia Beukelman at 507-537-7164 or email at:

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