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AHA Teams

Each academic year, SMSUFA will establish two or three Ad Hoc Assessment Teams (AHA Teams) of four to six members each to carry out LEP assessment during the following academic year. These teams will include one member each from the LEC and the CIA, at least one of whom will be a SMSUFA faculty member and will chair the team, as well as one member from Student Affairs. Additional membership will come from among faculty members who teach courses in the outcome area to be assessed or from the faculty at large

AHA Team Calendar:

Mar. 31                 SMSUFA names members of each AHA Team

Apr. 30                  Each AHA Team identifies outcomes, courses and methods

Fall                       Teams collect data and identify courses for Spring

Spring                   Teams collect data

Sep. 30                 Each AHA Team reports to the LEC

Oct. 31                  LEC reports to SMSUFA

Planned Schedule for Assessment
Academic Year LEP Outcomes to be Assessed
  • Understand both physical and social aspects of the world and their place in it
  • Embrace the similarities among peoples and appreciate the diversity that enriches the human experience
  • Practice responsible citizenship in their local and global communities.
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be critical thinkers who evaluate information wisely and examine how assumptions and positions are shaped.
  • Be creative thinkers able to identify, formulate, and solve problems using interdisciplinary perspectives.
  • Analyze moral judgments and engage in moral discourse.

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