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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my StarID and Mustang (Tech) ID?

  • Your Mustang (Tech) ID is your student ID number at SMSU and is used to identify you and your records only at SMSU.
  • StarID is a Minnesota State system ID and along with your password it gives you access to online registration & other services and all MnSCU institutions, if you have a StarID and password at your community college already, you will use the same one at SMSU!

When does a student have to complete a Consortium Agreement?

  • Any semester when you take classes from your host college that applies towards your SMSU degree requirements, you need a Consortium Agreement.
  • To receive Financial Aid for those host college’s credits you must have a Consortium Agreement for the term.
  • A Consortium Agreement is not needed for your SMSU courses; simply register for them.
  • As an official SMSU student and if aid eligible, you will receive Financial Aid for your SMSU credits without a Consortium Agreement.
  • To receive aid, consortium agreements are due no later than 2 weeks into the semester. Exact dates will be listed on the form.
  • Complete your Consortium Agreements early so you do not risk losing Financial Aid!

What is the process for completing a Consortium Agreement?

  • As soon as you register for the courses at your host college, complete Section A of the Consortium Agreement.
  • Print out this agreement and fill in Section A
  • Give the agreement to the Financial Aid Office of the college you have registered with (other than SMSU)
  • They will complete their section of the form and will send it on
  • You need a new Consortium Agreement for every new semester you are enrolled with another school other than SMSU.

Can a student be enrolled for only consortium credits and no SMSU credits and still be eligible for aid?

  • Not the first semester of the degree program. During the first semester students must have at least one SMSU course.
  •  After the first semester, yes, as along as the student is a regularly admitted student to SMSU and the consortium credits are applicable to the SMSU degree you can take community college courses only in a semester.

 Why do I need the DARS?

  • The DARS report is used by all advisors on and off campus
  • It outlines our general studies (LAC & MnTC), major requirements, and graduation requirements.

 What courses transfer into SMSU?

  • SMSU course equivalencies are now available on Transferology
  • It is a free site where you merely create an account and can view all of our academic programs and how courses transfer into SMSU
  • Links to Transferology can be found on the Registration and Records web pages.

What information do I need to know about SMSU email?

  • SMSU email is the main communication method used to communicate with students
  • Check your SMSU regularly!
  • Professors will use your SMSU email address with updates about courses and SMSU student services will give you information about financial aid, registration, and other important advising information at that email address!
  • You will receive your email address after the first week of classes

What do I do if I forget my password/PIN #?

  • Staff is not allowed to view or change passwords or PINS
  • Students should contact Tech Services if they have any trouble with passwords, PINS, or StarID issues.

Can I switch from on-campus to a Extended Learning online student?

  • There are criteria for SMSU on-campus students to switch to Extended Learning online students~
  • Students need to have Senior Standing and be within 2 semesters of reasonably completing their degree with Extended Learning
  • Students need to have the MnTC or LEP completed.
  • Students need to have a referral from their academic adviser stating the move away from campus is unavoidable and the student will complete the degree and graduate if transfer is granted.    Adviser Referral Form
  • Student must state there are extenuating circumstances that are not able to wait until after graduation. Student may be asked to provide evidence.

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