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Program Fact Sheets

Emphasis of Program

SMSU’s Bachelor of Science in Agronomy prepares students for successful professional careers in an important applied-science. Fast-growing global food demands have created a real need for technologically-advanced crop systems that are productive, profitable, environmentally-sound and sustainable. SMSU’s Agronomy Program emphasizes a balanced and interdisciplinary curriculum to meet the social and economic needs of the 21st century. The concentration areas within our agronomy major include the crop management option or the agroecology/natural resource management option. The program has a solid foundation in the natural sciences, along with courses in soil fertility, Arc GIS, precision agriculture and pest management. A required internship and participation in SMSU’s undergraduate research conference create opportunities for agronomy students to have hands-on experience and skill-building in experimental design. Professional development begins in the freshman year and is continually reinforced all throughout the four years of the curriculum. Seniors in agronomy participate in a professional development seminar. SMSU students are fully ready for responsible positions in agronomy as they complete our program.


The Program is housed in the School of Agriculture. Facilities include a 5 acre research plot, greenhouse, six teaching/research laboratories, a GIS lab and an on-campus 22-acre Wildlife Area.



The SMSU School of Agriculture offers an array of academic scholarships thanks to the generosity of SMSU Alumni, SMSU Farm Seminar donors, our regional Ag partners and SMSU faculty. In Spring Semester 2016, SMSU was able to award a total of $30,000 in ag-related scholarships for our students who ranged from new incoming freshman to experienced senior students. Ag-related scholarships are awarded based on a student’s past academic record, civic involvement and leadership potential.



SMSU Agricultural Solutions students qualify for paid internships (usually during the summer session). There are numerous intern sponsors and SMSU applauds all of them because these businesses create tangible benefits for students in our Agricultural Solutions program. These SMSU internships happen because of three-way coordination: 1) the internship employer, 2) SMSU’s faculty, and 3) our proactive SMSU agriculture students.  The internships are a true win-win. Our students earn credits towards graduation, learn real-life skills and earn funds to help pay for their tuition expenses.


Career opportunities

SMSU’s BS in Agronomy opens up doors for rewarding careers in the agriculture and food industries.

Former students are gainfully employed in permanent positions as crop consultants, crop insurance adjusters, graduate school researchers, USDA-ARS Agronomists, farm managers, and conservation officers.




Prospective agronomy students should complete the standard college preparation curriculum. High school students whose agronomy career plans include science-related professions such as agronomic consulting, plant breeding, integrated pest management, and soil fertilizer research should complete biology, chemistry and mathematics courses as part of the pre-college curriculum. Participation in extracurricular activities such as athletics, community volunteering, band, FFA, or 4-H helps create a well-rounded education. Employers prefer to hire students who have a multi-dimensional resume.



At SMSU, students who are active in clubs and organizations build social connections, learn essential life skills and enrich the value of their college experience. SMSU is proud to offer over 100 clubs and organizations!  Below are some clubs and opportunities worth consideration:

• SMSU AG Club

• Environmental Awareness Club

• Enactus

• Post-Secondary Ag Students

• Southwest Marketing Advisory Center 


SMSU Ag Club & PAS

Any SMSU student can join the SMSU AG Club and/or the Post-Secondary Agricultural Students (PAS) organization. The Ag Club is among the most active on campus meeting weekly to learn from agricultural professionals and alumni as guest speakers. The Ag Club plans and takes annual trips to different locations in the Midwest. Past cities visited include Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Grand Island, Omaha, Denver and Boise. Also, an annual banquet to honor graduating seniors, scholarship award winners, alumni and rural leaders is hosted by the SMSU Ag Club. Other activities include SMSU’s Ag Bowl, Ag Career Fair, SMSU Homecoming Parade, skeet-shooting and golfing. Each year, SMSU is the host of the statewide PAS knowledge bowl competition. The student community at SMSU is large enough to offer diversity but small enough to feel like family.



SMSU has easily accessible campus Wi-Fi. A multi-purpose system known as the SA Link allows all SMSU student clubs and organizations to post activities, recruit/retain members, and send/receive vital information. The SMSU Website is a one-stop-shop for student services such as academic, financial, registration and campus calendars/news. SMSU’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center is a sophisticated mapping center available for student use. McFarland Library links into a national Inter Library Loan System and serves as repository for the US Department of Agriculture and other important public documents. SMSU works diligently to ensure students have access to needed resources.



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