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Courses Required for the Major

Professional Writing and Communication Major 

I. Written Communication Core 20-21 cr.
ENG 204 Introduction to Journalism 4cr.
ENG 360 Scientific and Technical Writing 3cr.
ENG 361 Advanced Composition 3cr.
ENG 460 Writing and New Media 4cr.
ENG 420 Copy Editing 3cr.
One of the following: 3-4cr.
ENG 305 Creative Non-Fiction Workshop 4cr.
SPCH 260 Introduction to Public Relations Writing 3cr.
MGMT 331 Business Communications 3cr.

II. Oral Communication Core 6 cr.

SPCH 303 Advanced Public Speaking 3cr.
One of the following: 3cr.
SPCH 310 Persuasion 3cr.
SPCH 360 Org. Comm. & Interviewing (May not double-count here and VI.) 3cr.
SPCH 330 Mass Media and Society 3cr.
SPCH 410 Communication Analysis 3cr.

III. Visual Communication Core (6 credits)

ART 102 Foundations of Art and Design (2D) 3cr.
ART 240 Concepts of Graphic Design 3cr.

IV. Professional Contexts 6cr.
Select two classes from the list below. These two classes must come from different disciplinary perspectives. Additional classes may also be used in the expertise area.
Perspectives from Business
MGMT 300 Management Principles 3cr.
MGMT 330 Organizational Behavior 3cr.
BADM 305 Business Law I 3cr.
MGMT?450 Diversity Management 3cr.
Perspectives from Marketing
MKTG 301 Marketing Principles 3cr.
Perspectives from Ethics
PHIL 103 Ethics 3cr.
PHIL 105 Ethical Issues in Business 3cr.
PHIL 107 Environmental Ethics 3cr.
Perspectives from Politics and Public Administration
POL 324 Local and Rural Politics 3cr.
POL 340 Public Policy and Administration 3cr.
PBAD 320 Public Theory, Policy, and Organization 3cr.
Perspectives from Psychology
PSYC 318 Group Dynamics 3cr.
PYSC 325 Attitudes and Persuasion 3cr.

V. History and Theory 6cr.
ENG 362 History and Structure of the English Language 3cr.
ENG 492 Theory and Practice of Professional Writing (capstone) 3cr.

VI. Professional Expertise Area 9cr.
In consultation with their advisor and at least one faculty member from the relevant program, students will select and design a professional expertise area. An expertise area should include at least three classes, with at least six credits taken at the 300 level or above.

Possible areas may include but are not limited to: public relations, journalism, technical writing, linguistics/composition, accounting, management, marketing, computer science, a natural science, new media, graphic design, or communication theory.

Students may also use an existing SMSU minor to fulfill the requirements in this area.

Total Credits: 55-56

Note: The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, SMSU’s Liberal Arts Core, and Professional Writing and Communication Prerequisites provide preparation for the upper level courses of the Professional Writing Major.

No courses with “C-” grades will count toward the major. A GPA of 2.5 must be maintained in major courses. Majors should choose A–F grading option for major courses. Majors must earn a B- or better in SPCH 110, and English 102 and 103. Majors must also plan to take 40 credit hours at the 300 or 400 levels. Majors may meet this requirement by making careful selections within the major OR majors may meet this requirement by taking electives or upper-level Liberal Arts Core courses.



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