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Major: B.A. Literature

Bachelor of Arts: Literature (50 credits)

I. Literature Requirements:
LIT 250 Critical Approaches 3cr.
LIT 263 Poetry 3cr.
Two of the following: 6cr.
LIT 261 Novel 3cr.
LIT 262 Short Story 3cr.
LIT 264 World Drama: The Global Perspective 3cr.

II. American and Survey Courses:
One author course or three short courses: 3cr.
One British Literature survey course 4cr.
One American Literature survey course 4cr.

III. American Language Requirements: * 9-11cr.
ENG 362 3cr. History and Structure of the English Language
One advanced writing course 3-4cr.
One American Language elective 3-4cr.

IV. Electives in Literature: * 14-16cr.

V. Capstone Course
LIT 495 Senior Seminar 2cr.

Total Credits: 50

* Restrictions:

Total number of credits for sections II and III combined must be 25 credits. An overall total of 20 literature credits must be at the 300 or 400 level.

Literature courses must include 9 credits British Literature, 9 credits American Literature, and 6 credits World Literature (from LIT 264, LIT 310, LIT 360, LIT 370, or LIT 261, 262, 386 when designated as World Literature courses).

No courses with “D” grades will count towards the major. A GPA of 2.5 must be maintained in major courses. Literature majors should choose the A-F grade option for major courses, except for Senior Seminar, which is credit/no credit.

Additional information regarding suggestions and recommendations are available in the English office in BA 221.

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