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Major: B.S. Finance


Bachelor of Science: Finance (60 credits)


Pre-Finance Requirements:
Students seeking a B.S. in Finance must complete the Pre-Finance requirements.
Pre-Finance requirements for students accepted as major in Finance (FIN)are:
1. Complete ENG 101 with a grade of “C” or better, or otherwise satisfy the ENG 101 requirement by testing-out with an instrument approved by SMSU’s English Department.
2. Earn a grade of “C” or better in the following courses:
a. MATH 115 (Finite Mathematics) or MATH 140 (Calculus, A Short Course) or a higher-level calculus course.
b. ENG 102 (Rhetoric: The Essay)
c. ENG 103 (Rhetoric: Critical Writing)
d. SPCH 110 (Essentials of Speaking and Listening)
3. If a student earns a grade of “C–” or less in any of the above courses, then the student would be required to retake the course(s), and earn a grade of “C” or better prior to admission to the Finance program.
4. Prior to admission to the Finance program, a student must have earned a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better within 27 credits of SMSU’s Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC). Of the 27 credits of LAC courses used to determine the GPA, the following courses must be included: MATH 115 or MATH 140 or higher-level calculus course; ENG 102; ENG 103; and SPCH 110. No courses outside the LAC will be used to determine the GPA for entry into the Finance major program.
5. The Finance faculty relies upon active advising and up-to-date record keeping to assure that qualified students are admitted as full Finance majors. Students who have not yet met the pre-finance requirements are provided with advice and guidance to pursue entry into the program. Entrance into the program should be planned for the second semester of the sophomore year or the first semester of the junior year.
6. The above pre-finance requirements for admission to the Finance program are separate from SMSU’s Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) requirements. All students, including transfer and honor students, who plan to major in Finance must meet or exceed the Pre-Finance requirements.
7. Students in the Honors Program at SMSU may satisfy the pre-finance requirements for ENG 101, ENG 102 and ENG 103 by completing their approved Honors Curriculum. The other requirements, including MATH 115, MATH 140 or a higher-level calculus course, SPCH 110 and the requirements 3-6 above, must be completed as indicated.

I. Principle Courses in Business: (33 credits)
ACCT 211 3 cr. Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 212 3 cr. Principles of Accounting II
ECON 201 3 cr. Microeconomics
ECON 202 3 cr. Macroeconomics
FIN 230 3 cr. Business Statistics
MKTG 301 3 cr. Marketing Principles
MGMT 221 3 cr. Computer Concepts and Applications
MGMT300 3 cr. Management Principles
BADM 305 3 cr. Business Law I
FIN 350 3 cr. Managerial Finance
ECON 470 3 cr. International Business and Economics

II. Finance Core Courses: (12 credits)
FIN 375 3 cr. Investments
FIN 457 3 cr. Corporate Finance I
FIN 458 3 cr. Corporate Finance II
FIN 492 3 cr. Financial Policy
*MGMT 492: Business Policy can substitute for FIN 492: Financial Policy is there are scheduling conflicts

III.  Concentrations: (15 credits)
A. Financial Planning and Investments Concentration**

BADM 360 3 cr. Insurance and Risk Management
FIN    365 3 cr. Personal Financial Planning
ACCT 350 3 cr. Federal Income Tax I
PHIL 105  3 cr. Ethical Issues in Business
Choose any of the following electives: (3 credits)
MGMT320 3 cr. Advanced Computer Applications
FIN    352 3 cr.  Analyzing Financial Statements
FIN    354 3 cr.  Working Capital Management
FIN    470 3 cr.  Capital Budgeting
BADM 355 3 cr.  Business Law II
BADM 365 3 cr.  Real Estate
FIN    460 3 cr.  Business Forecasting  
ACCT 340 3 cr.  Cost Accounting I
ACCT 451 3 cr.  Federal Tax II
AGBU 330 3 cr.  Commodity Futures and Options Markets
ECON 328 3 cr.  Money and Banking
ECON 380 3 cr.  Public Finance
MGMT350 3 cr.  Human Resource Management
MGMT422 3 cr.  Production and Operations Management
FIN    491 3 cr.  Senior Seminar-Finance
MKTG 351 3 cr.  e-Marketing 
**Can lead to Certified Financial Planner Certification

B. Corporate Finance Concentration
FIN 352 3 cr.  Analyzing Financial Statements
FIN 354 3 cr.  Working Capitol Management
FIN 470 3 cr.  Capital Budgeting
Choose any two of the following electives: (6 credits)
BADM  360 3 cr.  Insurance and Risk Management
MGMT 320 3 cr.  Advanced Computer Applications
BADM  355 3 cr.  Business Law II
BADM  365 3 cr.  Real Estate
FIN     460 3 cr.  Business Forecasting
AGBU  330 3 cr.  Commodity Futures and Options Markets
ECON  328 3 cr.  Money and Banking
ECON  380 3 cr.  Public Finance
MGMT 323 3 cr.  Project Management
MGMT 420 3 cr.  Manangement Information Systems
MGMT 350 3 cr.  Human Resource Information
MGMT 422 3 cr.  Production and Operations Management
FIN     492 3 cr.  Senior Seminar-Finance
PHIL   105 3 cr.  Ethical Issues in Business
MKTG 351 3 cr.  e-Marketing

Graduation Requirements:
Majors in Finance must meet the following requirements in order to graduate:
1. A grade point average of 2.50 in all major course work taken at SMSU and an overall GPA of 2.50 in major course work including courses transferred from other institutions. Any exceptions to this requirement must be approved by the faculty of the Finance program.
2. All major programs must have the approval of the student’s advisor and the Finance faculty.
3. All Finance majors must take a comprehensive examination that will assess their basic knowledge and understanding gained in the general business curriculum. The examination is given in the course, FIN 495, Senior Examination, which should be taken during the student’s last semester before graduation.


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