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April 8th

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Choice of rolls

Buffalo Chicken Sushi
Classic buffalo chicken but with a twist! Chicken doused in buffalo sauce, carrots, crunchy celery, blue cheese with crushed tortilla chips. - Contains dairy. 

Pork & Pineapple Sushi
Seasoned pork belly, fresh green onion, cucumber, daikon radish, sweet pineapple, cilantro.

Philadelphia Roll
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, crunchy cucumber. - Contains fish and dairy. 

Spicy Tofu Rainbow Sushi
Pickled carrots, cucumbers, pea sprouts, scallions, daikon radish, avocado, tofu. - Contains soy and egg. 


Spring is in the Air Salad
Colorful spring mix greens, dried cranberries, and roasted sunflower seeds with a sweet poppy seed dressing.


Japanese Vegan Winter Soup
A vegan friendly winter soup packed with fresh veggies such as cabbage, carrots, turnips, mushrooms and kombu. - Contains soy sauce. 


Sweet Coconut Mochi Snowballs
A classic simple dessert, with flakey coconut

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