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Accompanist Policy and Fees


The ability to play with an accompanist is vital for performance on every instrument. While there are many standard non-accompanied pieces for each instrument, this represents only a portion of the standard literature that each student should know on their instrument. For this reason, students will be expected to perform some pieces requiring an accompanist.


Accompanist fees associated with Applied Lesson and Recital courses will be billed as course fees attached to the course based on the required number of performances for that course.  Any additional performances not related to applied lessons requiring an accompanist will also require proper payment of the accompanist. Consult with your accompanist to determine this fee. It is also suggested that you consider the policy below as a guide.


Accompanists devote considerable time to learning parts and rehearsing with soloists. It is only fair that they should be compensated for their time. To that end, this policy outlines what SMSU students will pay accompanists for their services.

+Full recitals—Students should pay their accompanist $150.00 for a full recital. This fee represents the private preparation of music, the performance and 5 rehearsals of 1 hour each.

+Half Recitals—Students should pay their accompanist $75.00 for a half recital. This fee represents the private preparation of music, the performance and 4 rehearsals of 1 hour each.

+Other performances of one or two short pieces (examples: Public Performance Studies or juries)—For each performance, the student should pay the accompanist $25.00. This fee represents the private preparation of music, the performance, and 2 rehearsals.

In the rare circumstance that a soloist believes that the accompanist is not properly preparing for their performance, the soloist should report this to a member of the music faculty. If deemed necessary, appropriate steps will be taken to remedy the situation, and fees may be adjusted accordingly. Similar steps may be taken by the faculty if an accompanist does not demonstrate sufficient proficiency to properly accompany a student on a recital.

In the event that an accompanist believes that the designated fee is insufficient due to specific literature being performed, the accompanist should consult the most closely related ensemble conductor (Director of Bands, Director of Choral Activities, Director of the SMO). That faculty member will make the final decision regarding fees.

Last Modified: 3/13/17 6:39 PM