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Music Facilities

Fine Arts Building

The Music Program is located in the Fine Arts Building, which was built in 1965, at the inception of SMSU. It is handicap accessible and connected by hallways to all academic buildings on campus, so that students need not go outside to go from one building to any other. The Music Program shared the Fine Arts Building with two other program: Art and Theatre. The Music Program is housed in the eastern block of the first floor; Art is on the second floor, right above Music; and Theatre has both floors at the west end of the building.


A. Music Classroom FA 131 is furnished with an upright piano. This may be used for rehearsal when not scheduled for music class.

B. Practice Rooms FA 136-155 are available to registered music students. Other individuals may receive permission to use them by music faculty members. The pianos are valuable instruments and should be treated with respect. No smoking, eating or drinking is permitted in the practice rooms. Students should be careful to keep the rooms neat and clean. FA 148 is designated for specialty lessons and practice as determined by the program. FA 147 & 149 are designated at percussion practice rooms.

C. Rehearsal Rooms FA 132 is used for vocal ensembles, choral music activities, and large classes. FA 135 is used for instrumental ensembles, bands, and orchestra related activities. When FA 132 is not scheduled for rehearsal, class instruction, or other music related activities, it may be available for student practice. Students must obtain faculty permission to practice on the grand piano in FA 132.

**FA 135 will remain locked when not in use. Students must get permission from the Director of Bands to use this room. Permission to use FA 135 may be withdrawn if the room is misused or instructions are not followed.

D. Piano Lab FA128 is equipped with networked electronic keyboards for the Class Piano courses. When not in use for class, the room is available for piano practice. Additionally, several computers are available and linked to the keyboards. Computers have internet access as well as a variety of programs for class and personal use (Office, Finale, Pyware). The room is available for all music students to use, but priority is given to completion of assignments for music courses. Students may obtain a key for access to the room by seeing the department administrative assistant in the Fine Arts Office (FA209). Students are required to return keys at the end of the year.

E. Music Lounge and Work Room FA 126 & 127.

SMSU Library

Located in Bellows Academic Building (BA) 280, it is the Music Program's primary library resource. The campus was originally designed to have all primary resources centrally located.

Libraries Within the Music Program

-The Band Library is housed in FA 129
-The Choral Library in FA 133
-The Orchestra Library in FA 142
-The Chamber Music Library in FA 138.

Music Lounge and Work Room

FA 126 &127


Instrument lockers are available for student use. Locker requests are to be directed to the Director of Bands. Lockers will be assigned based on demonstrated need. Priority will be given to SMSU students needing to store instruments currently used in ensembles, lessons, and classes that are offered by the Music Program.

Students must provide their own locks unless specifically told otherwise by the Director of Bands. In some circumstances, students using school instruments may be required to use a school owned lock for their locker. Keys to school locks must be returned to the Director of Bands when the locker is due to be vacated. Students not returning keys to school locks will be charged $6.00 to replace the lock.

Students must remove all items from their locker before the end of each Spring semester, or prior to graduation or student teaching. Students needing lockers during the summer must request these. Lockers that are not renewed or cleared by one week following the Spring Graduation Ceremony will be opened and cleared by the Director of Bands. The Music Department will not be held responsible for the contents of these lockers nor for student owned locks on them.

Under extraordinary circumstances, a student may be asked by the Director of Bands to change lockers during the school year in order to accommodate needs that arise during the year. Students will be given at least one week to make the requested change. After this time, the Director of Bands may remove the student’s materials

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