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Music News 2021-2022

SMSU Music Ensembles Return to Full, In-person Activity    (9/9/2021)

After a year of small-group and/or online music performance, the SMSU Music Program is happy to announce that the Fall semester heralds the return of large-group, in-person rehearsals and performances.  A full year of activities has been planned and a copy of the full music schedule will be available on the Music website soon.  Some highlights for this year will be the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Southwest Minnesota Orchestra which includes the delayed, "Beethoven Festival".  This year's SMO season will feature many outstanding guest artists including Luke Norell, Mark Doss, and Reed Tetzloff.  The SMSU Bands are embarking on a nearly year-long celebration of women in music.  Programs performed by the SMSU/Community Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, and the Symphonic Chamber Winds will feature music by some of the many outstanding female composers of years past and today.  Weekly posts about these composers will be posted on the band's Facebook page.  The band program's Guest Artist Series will also feature female artists, Beverly Gibson (clarinet) for the Festival of Woodwinds in February and Allison Miller (drums) for a Jazz Residency with the Jazz Ensemble at the end of March.  The SMSU Choirs return after a full year of strictly online instruction.  Director of Choral Activities, Dr. Stephen Kingsbury, says about the return to choral singing at SMSU, "Our opening concert is an exploration of the changes that COVID has brought to our lives over the past 18 months, as well as a celebration of our return to live singing."

Be sure to check the Music Webpage regularly for information about upcoming performances.

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