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Time Requirements For Student Teaching

Education Department

1.   A single major for teacher education licensure requires ten weeks of student teaching (12 cr.).

2.   A single major for teacher education licensure plus any additional licensure area or endorsement requires fifteen weeks of student teaching (12 cr.   plus 6 cr.).  Students must plan their on-campus courses so that one semester is free for student teaching.

     The following combinations requires require fifteen weeks of student teaching:
     a.  Elementary Education/Kindergarten endorsement,
     b.  Elementary Education/and Secondary or K-12 major,
     c.  Health/Physical Education or any combination of a Secondary/K-12 major
     d.  Vocal Music/Instrumental Music
     e.  A combination of any two 7-12 Science Licensure Programs
     f.  7-12 Science Education/Middle Schools Science

3.   Teaching minors do not require additional student weeks or credits, but the student teaching assignment should include at least one class in the minor.

4.   The coaching practicum does not require an extension of the ten weeks of student teaching (or the fifteen weeks if that applies), but does require extra time, usually after school and evening hours.  There may also be weekend hours.


Last Modified: 3/13/17 6:54 PM