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Major: B.A. Political Science

Bachelor of Arts: Political Science (37 credits)

A. The following four courses:
POL 117 3cr. Introduction to Government and Politics
POL 120 3cr. American National Government
POL 300 4cr. Political Research
POL 490 3cr. Senior Seminar in Political Science

B. One from the following: (3cr.)
POL 331 3cr. Western Political Thought
POL 422 3cr. American Political Thought

C. One from the following: (3cr.)
POL 250 3cr. American Parties and Elections
POL 221 3cr. State Government
POL 324 3cr. Local and Rural Politics
POL 330 3cr. The American Presidency
POL 340 3cr. Public Policy and Administration
POL 425 3cr. The United States Congress

D. One from the following: (3cr.)
POL 200 3cr. International Politics
POL 355 3cr. World Political Geography
POL 356 3cr. The Politics of the Global Economy
POL 360 3cr. American Foreign Policy
POL 405 3cr. War and Peace

E. One from the following: (3cr.)
POL 227 3cr. The Judicial Process
POL 328 3cr. Constitutional Law I: Criminal Justice
POL 351 3cr. Constitutional Law II: Civil Liberties
POL 415 3cr.Law and Society
POL 430 3cr. The U.S. Supreme Court

F. One from the following: (3cr.)

POL 252 3cr. Introduction to Comparative Politics
POL 320 3cr. Political Economy of the Third World
POL 370 3cr. Government and Politics of Western Europe
POL 375 3cr. Government and Politics of Russia
POL 451 3cr. Politics of Advanced Capitalist Societies

G. Two additional courses from any one of categories C, D, E or F (6cr.)

H. Elective Political Science courses (200 or above) (3cr.)

Total Credits: 37

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