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Major: B.A. Public Administration

Bachelor of Arts: Public Administration (39-40 credits)

A. Public Administration Core Courses:
POL 120 3cr. American National Government
POL 221 3cr. State Government
POL 324 3cr. Local and Rural Politics
POL 340 3cr. Public Policy and Administration
BADM 380 3cr. Management Principles
PBAD 310 3cr. Public Administration Analysis and Problems
PBAD 325 3cr. Administrative Law
PBAD 490 3cr. Senior Seminar

B. One from the following: (3cr.)
ACCT 330 3cr. Accounting for Governmental and Non-Profit Entities *
ECON 380 3cr. Public Finance **
PBAD 350 3cr. Public Budgeting

C. One from the following: (3-4cr.)
BADM 230 3cr. Business Statistics
MATH 200 3cr. Introduction to Statistics
POL 300 4cr. Introduction to Political Research
PSYC 200 3cr. Statistics for Behavioral Science
SOCI 200 4cr. Social Statistics

D. One from the following: (3cr.)
BADM 383 3cr. Organizational Theory and Behavior
PBAD 320 3cr. Public Theory and Organization

E. One from the following: (3cr.)

BADM 425 3cr. Human Resource Management
PBAD 410 3cr. Public Personnel and Management

F. One from the following: (3cr.)

ACCT 211 3cr. Principles of Accounting I
ECON 202 3cr. Principles of Macroeconomics
BADM 280 3cr. Business Data Processing
SWRK 402 3cr. Social Welfare Policy
PSYC 358 3cr. Industrial/Organizational Psychology
BADM 388 3cr. Theories of Leadership
BADM 455 3cr. Leadership Dynamics

G. Optional:
PBAD 499 3-9cr. Internship in Public Administration

H. Recommended Electives:
ACCT 212 3cr. Principles of Accounting II
ANTH 116 3cr. Cultural Anthropology
BADM 390 3cr. Business Law I
BADM 470 3cr. International Business
ECON 201 3cr. Principles of Microeconomics
ENG 360 3cr. Scientific and Technical Writing
HLTH 350 3cr. Community Health
HIST 363 3cr. A History of Social Welfare in the United States
HIST 295 3cr. Minnesota History
INDS 101 3cr. Introduction to Indigenous Nations and Dakota Studies
POL 330 3cr. The American Presidency
POL 415 3cr. Law and Society
POL 425 3cr. The United States Congress
SOCI 415 3cr. Formal Organizations
SOCI 331 3cr. Minorities in American Society
SOCI 435 3cr. Rural Development
SOCI 440 3cr. Human Communities: Structure and Change
SOCI 445 3cr. Class and Class Conflict
SPCH 110 3cr. Fundamentals of Public Speaking
SPCH 200 3cr. Small Group Communication
SPCH 360 3cr. Organization, Communication and Interviewing

Total Credits: 39-40

* Prerequisite: ACCT 211 and ACCT 212
** Prerequisite: ECON 201 and ECON 202

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