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February 19-21 and February 27-29, 2004

Southwest Minnesota State University

Director/Costume Designer-Sheila Tabaka
Technical Director/Scenic Designer-Ray Oster
Lighting Designer-Aminu Gomos
Sound Designer-Jim Tabaka
Stage Manager-Rien Schlecht



Jennifer Rogers as Antigone

Garrit Kiel as Creon

Rich Bragg as a Theban Elder

Aminu Gomos as a Theban Elder

Jacob Swanson as a Theban Elder

Colin Roshaven Wasmund as a Theban Elder

Melanie Seivert as Ismene

Charlie Anderson as Haimon

Ryan Nelson as Teiresias

Christine Hollinger as Eurydice

Alex Robert Holmes as the Watchman

Justin Portner as the Messenger

Eukariah Tabaka as Teiresias' Boy

Jenni Shouse as a Royal Guard

Marcelline Anderson as a Royal Guard

Jayna Gearhart as Eurydice's Attendant

  Images from Antigone

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