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Blithe Spirit

Southwest Minnesota State University Theatre
Blithe Spirit
Noel Coward
April 15-17
April 23-25, 2010
Director-Jayna Fitzsimmons
Set Designer-Ray Oster
Co-Lighting Designers-Ray Oster and Jacob Forstein
Costume Designer-Rien Schlecht
Sound Designer-Jayna Fitzsimmons
Stage Manager-Emma Davis

Charles instructs Edith. Ruth tells Charles a story. Charles greets Dr. and Mrs. Bradman.
Dr. George Bradman The Bradmans visit with the Condomine's. Madame Arcati Madame Arcati entertains the Condomine's and Bradman's.
Ruth listens to the situation. Edith listens in on the situation. Dr. George and Mrs. Violet Bradman Madame Arcati does her warm up exercises.
Madame Arcati explains the seance. Elvira makes her entrance. Elvira has fun with Ruth, who can't see her. Elvira comforts Charles and plots her fun.
Charles tries to explain what's happening to Ruth. Madame Arcati jots notes about what's been happening. Violet Bradman The Bradman's discuss Charles with Ruth.
Charles seeks help from Madame Arcati. Oh that zany Madame Arcati! Madame Arcati tries to get in touch with Elvira. A very befuddled Charles Condomine.
Charles tries to get in touch with Elvira and Edith. Charles has two dead wives!! Can Edith provide some help? Madame Arcati puts Edith into a trance.
The Cast of Blithe Spirit The beautiful set of Blithe Spirit
Blithe Spirit poster
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Photos Courtesy of Mike Lenz

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