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Fuddy Meers

Southwest Minnesota State University Theatre
Fuddy Meers
David-Lindsay Abaire

October 23-35
November 1-3, 2008

Director-Nadine Purvis Schmidt
Scene and Lighting Designer-Ray Oster
Costume Designer-Hayley Oster
Sound Designer-Christy Ellis
Stage Manager-Leazah Behrens


Jason Shores as Limping Man
Jason Shores as Limping Man
Robin Waller as Claire
Robin Waller as Claire
Eric Niece as Richard
Eric Niece as Richard
Nicholas Collins as Kenny
Nicholas Collins as Kenny
Nissa Nordland as Gertie
Nissa Nordland as Gertie
Jared J. Karow as Millet
Jared J.Karow as Millet
Marcelline Anderson as Heidi
Marcelline Anderson as Heidi

 Hinky Binky

Hinky Binky as himself


More photos of Fuddy Meers!

Richard shows Claire her life. Claire and the Limping Man driveaway. At Gertie's kitchen window.
Gertie, Limping Man and Claire in the kitchen. Millet appears at the window with Hinky Binky. Kenny and Richard are stopped by Heidi the police officer.
 RIchard stealsHeidi's gun. Kenny and Richard take Heidi captive.  Claire gives Hinky Binky a scare as Millet comforts him. 
 Gert and Claire reminisce at the kitchen table.  Limping Man interrupts the ladies.  Gert gives Hinky Binky his due as Millet looks on.
 The fight ends.  Gert and Richard look through the books as Millet listens. Kenny talks to his mom. 
 Claire tries to figure out her life. Richard enters the chaos!  Millet and HInky Binky try to help the situation. 
Claire remembers her day.

And now...Claire sleeps.

The cast of Fuddy Meers

 Fuddy Meers Poster

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