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Greater Tuna

Southwest Minnesota State University Theatre
Greater Tuna
Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard

February 18-20
February 26-28, 2010

Director-Sheila Tabaka
Set and Lighting Designer-Ray Oster
Costume Designers-Emma Davis, Heather Lorensen
Sound Designer-Nissa Nordland
Stage Manager-Emma Davis

Tuna Set Thurston and Arles with the Wheelis Struvie Report
Didi Snavely Harold Dean Lattimer Petey Fisk Jody and Bertha
Bertha and Jody Charlene tells Bertha how it is Bertha sits for an interview with Chad Hartford Petey asks you to adopt Yippy
Radio Station Owner Leonard Childers City Council hopeful Phinas Blye Leonard tells Didi to let it out! Aunt Pearl calls Stanley for help
The demise of Ripper Aunt Pearl and the Judge's funeral Pearl and Vera Carp examine the Judge Stanley reveals how he did it
Charlene recites her poem R.R. and the Tuna minute Thurston and Arles and Radio Station OKKK Petey Fisk discusses fish
Elmer Watkins for Klan 249 Vera Carp, vice president of the Smut Snatchers of the New Order Vera and the Reverend Spikes Reverend Spikes praises the Judge
Sheriff Givens drills Stanley Hank Bumiller tells Jody to turn off that radio Jody and his gum Didi tells R.R. why he's lucky
The Cast of Greater Tuna
Photos Courtesy of Mike Lenz
Greater Tuna Poster

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