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No Exit

Southwest Minnesota State University
No Exit
by Jean-Paul Sartre

February 19-21
February 27-March 1, 2009

Director-Mike Lenz
Scene Designer-Ray Oster
Sound Designer-Patrick Van Nevel
Costume Designer-Sheila Tabaka
Lighting Designer-Jacob Forstein
Stage Manager-Hayley Oster

 Amy Giesler

Amy Giesler as Inez

Nissa Nordland 

Nissa Nordland as Estelle
 Eric Eichenlaub
Eric Eichenlaub as Garcin
 Patrick Van Nevel
Patrick Van Nevel as Valet

  No Exit Set

The Valet brings in Garcin Garcin explains it all to the Valet Garcin continues to plead his case with the Valet
Inez and Garcin  Inez and Estelle Estelle, the Valet and Garcin Estelle and Inez
 Inez discusses the situation with Garcin and Estelle Garcin and Inez square off!

Estelle gets between Inez and Garcin

Inez needs to explain it to Garcin

 Garcin makes a point Estelle and Garcin discuss matters  Estelle begins to work on Garcin. Inez calms a disturbed Estelle
Garcin turns the tables on Estelle. Garcin and Estelle Estelle and Garcin pair up. Garcin takes a moment.
Inez confronts Garcin. The Valet waits for Garcin Inez and Estelle discuss their situation Sitting and waiting for... 

Photos courtesy of Mike Lenz.


 No Exit Poster

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