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Rodgers and Hammersteins Cinderella


Southwest Minnesota State University Theatre
Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella
Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II

April 12-15, 20-22, 2007


Director and Costume Designer-Sheila Tabaka
 Technical Director and Set Designer-Ray Oster
 Lighting Designer-Justin Klassen and Ray Oster
 Vocal Director-Russell Svenningson
 Music Director-Pamela Gervais
 Choreographer-Kristen Wendel
 Stage Manager-Marcelline Anderson


Cinderella LeeAnn Libnoch
King Doug Pilgrim
Queen Jayna Gearhart
Stepmother Britta Overbee
Portia Nissa Nordland
Joy Jennifer Shouse
Prince Charming Neal Bruns
Fairy Godmother Robin Waller
Herald Gunner Mattson
Chef Bryan Taffe
Steward Xavier Pastrano
Footman Grant Matthys
Coachman Nick Weidert
Guards/Palace Footmen Jeff Dorman, Nick Dorman
Female Chorus Christy Ellis, Hope Loerts, Samantha Onken, Brittany Sandager, Emily Schroeder, Ashley Vorhies
Male Chorus

Charlie Freeman, Tim Hutchinson, Jason Remerowski, Logan Reed, Bob Schwoch, Levi Windingstad

Children Anders Svenningsen, Anika Svenningsen, Eukariah Tabaka, Margaret Tabaka, Sally Tabaka
White Horses Emily Buysse, Sarah Buysse, Emma Matthys, Hanna Matthys, Sydney Matthys 


Piano Pamela Gervais
Clarinet Jean Arimond, Bethany Paulson
Flute Rachel Erpelding
Percussion Stephen Leek
Trumpet Vaughn Gehle, Teresa Nelson
Upright Bass Michael Hofstetter
Violin Laura Schmidt



The Prince is Giving a Ball

The Prince is Giving A Ball 2

The Prince is Giving a Ball Chorus

If only he'd propose to me

In my own little corner

The King and Queen's Chambers

Who wants marshmallows?

The Chef and the Steward

Your majesties...

The wine of my country is beer

Boys and Girls like you and me

Stepmother and two stepsisters

The dress

Four White Mice

Horses, Carriage, Coachman and Footman

 Don't we look grand

The Ball

 The Ball 2

 Portia learns The Prince is dancing with Joy

 The Belles of the ball

The Prince and Cinderella

 Cinderella and the Prince in the Garden  A Lovely Night Trying to make the shoe fit!
 Your foot is too big!  Guests at the wedding  Guests at the wedding
   Cinderella and Her Prince  
  The Band  

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