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The Crucible 2015

Southwest Minnesota State University
The Crucible
Arthur Miller

October 10 and  15-18, 2015

Director, Scenic and Lighting Designer: Mike Lenz
Costume Designer: Sheila Tabaka
Sound Designer: Thomas Knudson
Stage Manager: Kyle Havlicek


Tituba sees something

I saw Sarah Goode with the DEVIL!

It is a poppet

Goody Proctor discipline Mary

Rev. Hale meets with the Proctors

John Proctor reasons with the villagers

What has Mary Warren done?

Abigail meets with John Proctor

Mary Warren, THINK!

Judge, do you not see what these girls are about?

The Judge surmises the situation.

Abby, stop, Abby!

I fly to you.

I see no bird!

What is happening in our village?!

Tell them MARY!

I love God!

Speak not a word.  And crush them with it!

Leave me my name!

Is there no mercy?

God have mercy on us all!

The Crucible poster

Thank you for your continued support of SMSU Theatre!

“Though [we] be but little, [we] are fierce!”
  -William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

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