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The Glass Menagerie

Southwest Minnesota State University Theatre
The Glass Menagerie
Tennessee Williams

October 25-27
November 2-4, 2007
Director-Dr. William Hezlep
Scene and Lighting Designer-Ray Oster
Costume Designer-Sheila Tabaka
Sound Designer-Hayley Oster
Stage Manager-Nerissa Wilker

The Glass Menagerie Poster
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Mike Lenz as Tom
Mike Lenz as Tom

 Jeanne Anderson as Amanda
Jeanne Anderson
as Amanda
 Nissa Nordland as Laura
Nissa Nordland as Laura
Gunnar Mattson as The Gentleman Caller
Gunnar Mattson as
The Gentleman Caller

More pictures from  The Glass Menagerie

Tom in Peacoat
Amanda and Laura at the table

The Winfigeld Home
Amanda is upset with Laura

Laura has not been going to business school.


Laura talking to Amanda about Jim
Laura drinking tea
Tom fights with Amanda as Laura hides and looks on
Tom has broken one of Laura's trinkets


Laura seeks comfort in her menagerie
Amanda is ready to entertain. Amanda and Laura dance.

The Gentleman Caller arrives

Laura faints at the table

Laura and Jim share a moment


Amanda and Laura at the piano
Tom deep in thought

The Glass Menagerie Poster

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