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The Heiress

Southwest Minnesota State University
The Heiress
By Ruth Goetz and Augustus Goetz
Suggested by the Henry James novel Washington Square

April 2-5
and April 11-13, 2014

Director and Costume Designer: Sheila Tabaka
Scenic and Lighting Designer: J.D. Sargent
Sound Designer: Alexander Pikala
Stage Manager: Kyle Havlicek


Catherine talks to Aunt Penniman Dr. Sloper tries to help his daughter. Marian monopolizes the conversation
The very gay party Aunt Penniman tries to help. Lovely but so shy.
Catherine tries to talk to Mrs. Montgomery. Notice his gloves, Mrs. Montgomery. The sisters listen as their brother discusses his daughter.
Dr. Sloper addresses his concerns with Morris. Dr. Sloper does not approve! Go to England with your father, Catherine!
Back from Paris. The happy couple, reunited. Catherine has been jilted!
Is that a flute, sir? Marian comes to visit Catherine, with word of Morris. Catherine feels nothing but contempt, for her father!
Morris realizes his mistake. Morris admires his button. He came to the wrong house...and he came twice!
The Heiress Poster
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