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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

April 14-17, 2005

Southwest Minnesota State University Theatre

Director-Sheila Tabaka
Scene Designer-Jayna Gearhart
Costume Designer-Rien Schlecht
Make-up Designer-Melanie Seivert
Lighting Designer-Justin Klassen
Stage Manager-Marcelline Anderson



Colin Roshaven Wasmund
as Aslan

Gunner Mattson as Peter, Nick Dorman as Edmund,
Nissa Nordland as Susan, and Morgan Larsen as Lucy

Justin Klassen as Centaur, Melanie Seivert as Unicorn,
Ellen Kuhler as Mrs. Beaver, and Dan Smith as Mr. Beaver

Dennis Charles Anderson
as Fenris Ulf

Jacob Swanson as Mr. Tumnus
Jennifer Shouse as Lamppost

Mark VandeBrake as Dwarf
Nadine Purvis Schmidt as The White Witch

Aslan's Followers

Trees and Lamppost

Witch's Army

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