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Action Research Projects

SMSU Communities of Practice Investigating Learning and Teaching

ED 439 and 471 Action Research Projects Fall 2003

Name Working Title of Project Grade Level
Cara Bosma Looping in Elementary Schools 3rd
Justin Bouwman Does an Accelerated Reading Program Work? 5th
Lori Braem The Homework Debate: Does Homework Have Value? Primary
Claudia Carrasco Reading Development for ESL Students 1st
Ruthie Decker Teaching Effectively in a Multi-grade Classroom Intermediate
Jennifer Deutsch Motivating Students to Read 6th
Heather Fernholz The Relationship between Sleep Deprivation and Behavior Problems in Elementary Aged Students 3rd
Zach Fossum Parent-Teacher Communication 1st
Ruby Garness Elementary Reading Texts: Basal Readers vs. Whole Language                             1st
Tricia Gilbertson Phonemic Awareness K
Jennifer Guertin Methods of Home-School Communication 5th
Stacy Halbersma Effective Communication between School and Home 1st
Meg Herrig Accommodations for Nonverbal Student/ I Statements 1st
Pam Holland Learning Styles K
Deb Huffman The Benefits of Home Reading to Children 1st
Nichole Klukas Student-led Conferences 5th
Amanda Macziewski Effects of the Microphone System on a Child's Ability to Learn 3,4,5,6
Jennifer Melcher All Day Everyday and All Day Alternate Day Kindergarten: Which kindergarten schedule is the most effective? 1st
Kate Nelson Parental Involvement in the School Setting 3rd
Jon Peterreins Understanding Children With Autism & Including Them Within a Classroom 5th
Cathy Ronning Gender and Learning 1st
Jon Schomacker No Child Left Behind Act 3rd
Heidi Schow Accelerated Reader 3rd
Heather Stacy Effective Report Cards 1st
Jason Van Engen Effects of the Microphone System on a Child's Ability to Learn 3,4,5,6
Teresa Vaubel Helping Parents Become Aware of the Need to Read to their Young Child 1st
Jennifer Wagner Half Day K vs. Full day K K
Dana Wiborg Responsive Classroom 3rd
Sheri Zuehlke Multiage Classrooms: The Beneficiaries of Conducting a Structured Multiple Age Classroom K/1

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