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Livetext Guides

IMPORTANT - when setting up your Livetext account, make sure to use your email account as the primary email; using any other email address can cause the Field Experience Module (FEM) to have problems in connecting you to SMSU. To change your email address in Livetext, log into your account; go under 'My Account' in the far upper right corner. Scroll down to your Membership info where your email is listed, and click on 'Edit' - then make any changes needed, and click on Save and Submit. 

Student tips and tricks in Livetext

Faculty tips and tricks in Livetext

Faculty guides:

Accessing and Scoring Assignments

How to end an Assignment to allow a student to resubmit

Faculty user guide to Video Assessment

Faculty guide to using Unicheck Plagiarism Detection Service for Livetext submissions

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