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First Time Licensure

This is a Tier 3 license to become a full-time teacher in Minnesota in a specific field.  You qualify for this type of license when you have completed your student teaching requirements, your degree has posted, and you have passed your required MTLE exams in content and pedagogy.

      You can qualify for a Tier 3 license if you have attempted all your Essential Academic Skills licensure testing in reading, writing, and math, but have not passed. This license is valid for 3 years and is renewable indefinitely.

     You qualify for a Tier 4 license if you have passed all your licensure testing, including the Essential Academic Skills tests. You must also have completed 3 years of teaching without being placed on a growth plan. The Tier 4 license is valid for 5 years and is renewable indefinely.


Add-on Licensure

This is when you are already hold a teaching license in the state of Minnesota and you want to add a field/endorsement to your existing license.


Substitute License

This is when you hold a bachelors degree in any area. This can be done directly with the Professional Educator Licensure and Standards Board. All questions about any type of licensure in the Tiered Licensure structure should be directed to the PELSB website at


Applying for your Administrative License (Principal, Superintendent, and/or Director of Special Education):

Here’s the link for BOSA on what is needed for licensure:

Complete the SMSU Application for Teaching License

Complete the PELSB Administrative Licensure Application found here:

Then send the following to the Licensing Officer at SMSU:

  • Completed SMSU Application Form
  • Completed PELSB Application 
  • Check/money order payable to "PELSB" for the amount listed on the application

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