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SMSU Master of Science in Education Action Research Projects

Located in the SMSU Library

  • Bayerkohler, Carolyn E.  Suitable Vocal Range and Tessitura of the Male Changing Voice in the Published Cambiata Choral Music and the Author’s Original Cambiata Choral Composition. 2002.
  • Bonnstetter, Rhonda S.  Critical Incidents and Attitudes Towards Math Involving Students in Grades 4-8.  1999.  Rare QA 135.5 .B66 1999
  • Buysse, Kari C.  Fifth Graders and Their Parents: Awareness of Learning Styles.  1998.  Rare BF 723.C5 B88 1998
  • Buysse, Susan G.  Strategies to Motivate Third Graders to Read for Pleasure.  1998.  Rare LB 1573. B9 1998
  • Christianson, Jane H.  Mothers’ Pensions: 1913-1935.  1998.  Rare HV 699.3 .M6 C57 1998
  • Claussen, Wendy G.  Effectiveness of the “Smoke-Free Class of 2000" Materials.  1998. Rare HV 5745.C53 1998
  • Drietz, Amy Golberg.  How Students on Individual Education Plans Perceive Team Teaching. 2003.
  • Dudgeon, Lisa M.  Teacher Satisfaction while Teaching in a Multi-Age Classroom Environment.  2000.  Rare LB 1029.N6 D83 2000
  • Eichenlaub, Margaret A.  Impact of Academic Planners: 1999-2000 and 2000-2001.  2002.
  • Forde, Kevin W.  Relationship Between Rebounding Margin and Winning Percentage in the North Central Region. 2002.
  • Greenslit, Nancy.  Mozartian Music Listening in the Classroom: Its Effect on the Academic Performance of Junior High Students in English, Science, And Mathematics.  2003.
  • Guttormsson, Thomas B.  The School Design Process: An Opportunity for Change?  2001. Rare LA 312.M38 G88 2001
  • Hesse, Connie M.    Retaining Children in Elementary School: The Effects on Students and Their Parents.  1998.  Rare LB 3063.H47 1998
  • Knudson, Holly S.  Perceived Parental Involvement: Predictors of Adolescent Achievement. 2000.  Rare LB 225.32 .M62 Y4 2000
  • Kruger, Patti J.  Women in Rural Principalships: Career Paths and Job Satisfaction.  1999.  Rare LB 2831.924 .M5 K78 1999
  • Lalim. Jeff.  Building Assets in Intramural Activities.  Building Assets in Yellow Medicine East High School Students.  Building Assets in Yellow Medicine East High School Students Through Intramural Activities.  2001. Rare BF 724.3.S35 L35 2001
  • Larson, Debra A.  A Study of, and the Effects of, Multicultural Understanding through a Multicultural Music Curriculum, Specifically in Two Predominantly European American Communities of Southwest Minnesota.  1998.  Rare MT 930.L37 1998
  • Lee, Sheila G.  Intervention Strategies to Enhance Phonological Ability in Preschool Age Children.  1999.  Rare LB 1573.3 .L44 1999
  • Lucier, Scott G.  Impact of Creatine Monohydrate When Incorporated With a Strength and Conditioning Program.  1999.  Rare QP 801 .C8 L83 199
  • Moorse, Diane K.  Elementary Classroom Teachers’ Perspectives of Assessment of Students with Learning Disabilities.  1999.  Rare LC 4704.8 .M66 1999
  • Nieland, Joni J.  Developing a School Wilderness Area Into a Self-Guided, Interpretive, Outdoor Learning Center.  1997.  Rare QH 76.5 .M6 N54 1997
  • Odland, Brian P.  Programming and Retention of Community College Student-Athletes.  2001. Rare LC 148.3.M6 O35 2001
  • Ostgaard, Marjorie.    Benefits of the Space Program That Affect Students in the Classroom1998.  Rare T174.3 .088 1998
  • Price, Jane A.    Language Arts Instruction: A Comparison of Traditional Grammar Instruction and the Writing Workshop Approach.  1997.  Rare LB 1576 .P75 1997
  • Schlagel, Catherine A.  The Importance of Transition Planning For High School Students with Learning Disabilities.  2001.
  • Shippy, Rosemary Persoon.  Gentle Tamers of Lincoln County: Oral History from a Woman’s Perspective.  1998.  (Accompanied by a single copy of a 2 hour videotape dated June-Aug. 1997.)  Rare F612 .L778 S55 1998
  • Sik, Cynthia L.  Views from Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: What Has Helped Them Most.  2000. Rare LC 4713.42.M6 S55 2000
  • Stemen, Gregory A.  Distance Off the Tee and Its Impact on Scoring Average Compared to Accuracy Off the Tee and Its Impact on Scoring Average. 2002.
  • Sterner, John K.  Short Term Goals and Visualization Training for the Southwest State University Wrestlers.  2001. Rare FV 1196.4.P75 S74 2001
  • Sterzinger, Dawn R.  Achievement Motivation in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom.  2001. Rare LB 1065.S74 2001
  • Tapper, Jane L.  A Self-Assessment of Alternative Learning Programs in Southwest Minnesota Using Research-Based Criteria. 2002.
  • Timmerman, Janet K.  Planning for a Successful Implementation of the Internet in the Classroom.  1997.  Rare LB 1044.87 .T56 1997
  • Ufkin, Jennifer Fordyce.  Interdisciplinary Teamed Teaching: Marshall Junior High School. 2003.
  • Van Overbeke, Deborah Ann.  Middle School Advisory Program: Perceptions of Students, Advisors, and Parents at Holy Redeemer Middle School.  2000. Rare LB 1027.5.V36 2000
  • Vierstraete, Sonya M.  The Inclusion of the 5th Grade into the Middle School Concept: Where Do They Fit In?  2000.  Rare LB 1623.5 .V54 2000
  • Weidauer, Jane A.  A Comparison of the Performance of a Kindergarten Student Who is Moderately Mentally Handicapped in Inclusive and Segregated Settings.  1999.  Rare LC 4031.W45 1999
  • Wright, Jenai M.  Participation in Extracurricular Activities and Its Effect on Sixth Grader Self-Esteem.  1999.  Rare BF 724.3 .S35 W75 1999


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