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Teacher Education Program Application

A teacher candidate must put forward a formal application for admission to the Teacher Education Program if they are working toward licensure in any Education major. Admission to the Teacher Education Program is a prerequisite for most 300 or 400 level Education methods courses. A teacher candidate will not be able to register for methods classes that require admission to the Teacher Education Program until being formally admitted, so it is important to start this process early.

Teacher Education Program (TEP) Application Information Packet  Updated 10.30.2020

TEP Required Forms 

It is the responsibility of the teacher candidate to see that all forms are uploaded into their TEP Application. All work must be completed and submitted together so forms need to be prepared in advance. The work cannot be saved intermittently so please be mindful as documents are uploaded.  

  1. Essay Requirements & Rubric
  2. Academic Faculty Reference Form
  3. Education Faculty Reference Form
  4. Teacher Education Readiness Inventory
  5. Student Dispositions Self-Assessment Form
  6. Verification of Experience with Children/Adolescents Form 
  7. Verification of Experience with Children/Adolescents Form 
  8. Permissions and Understandings Form
  9. Professional Dispositions Acceptance
  10. Confirmation of Liability Insurance coverage
  11. NES Essential Academic Skills Test Acknowledgement Form
  12. Introduction to Education (ED 101) Classroom Experience Reference Form
  13. Introduction to Special Needs (SPED 290) Classroom Experience Reference Form
  14. Confirmation of enrollment in the Education listserv
  15. Guidelines for Social Media Use Form

LiveText Information

Teacher candidates will need to submit their classroom evaluations from ED 101 & SPED 290. Below are the instructions on how to download them from LiveText.

Instructions to download your ED 101 & SPED 290 evaluation in LiveText

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