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PO Status Codes

Below is a listing of common PCS status codes to help you identify the status of your Purchase Order. If you still have questions, you may contact one of the Purchasing staff listed below for assistance. Please note: The Purchasing Department cannot view any status under 050.

  • 000 - Data Entry Stage--Purchase order entry only.
  • 020 - Insufficient Funds--Check your budget balance, submit a budget transfer if necessary and try again to release your request.
  • 030 - Waiting for Authorization--Responsible person or Authorized authority required to approve purchase order.
  • 050 - Released to the Purchasing Department--Purchasing will view your request in the order in which it was received.
  • 100 - Awaiting Pre-Audit—Purchasing has reviewed your request but has not taken any action.
  • 110 - Hold in Abeyance--Purchasing may be waiting for quotes or attachments which you indicated are being sent in the mail, or waiting for logo and/or printing approval from University Communications. Check memo for further information and who may be holding purchase order.
  • 140 - Purchasing Director’s Decision--Purchase order request has been referred to the Purchasing Director for further processing.
  • 150 - Pre-audit and Hold-awaiting further processing, may be waiting for State contract verification, approval of written quotes, consulting contracts, certificates of insurance.
  • 200 - For Local Bid Processing--May be in the process of obtaining quotes, sealed bids, off-campus printing bids, etc.
  • 230 - Marked for Professional/Technical Contract—Purchasing is waiting for the Professional/Technical Contract forms.
  • 250 - Marked for PO Processing--Pre-Audit complete but the Purchase Order is not yet printed, may be waiting for a batch printing process.
  • 450 - Open Purchase Order--Purchase Order has been printed.
  • 500 - Purchase Order Completed and Closed--The purchase order has been paid.
  • 9xx - Canceled Purchase Order--See memo for possible explanation.


Questions regarding the above status codes can be directed to Christy Johnson, Purchasing Clerk, 507-537-6215 or email

Last Modified: 7/9/18 9:47 AM