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Purchases of $1,001 - $5,000

If the purchase is greater than $1,000 and less than $5,000, at least two quotations shall be obtained when at all possible. These quotations may be obtained by the requesting department or the Purchasing Office, but must be followed up with a written quotation. Based upon the situation and circumstances, the Director of Purchasing may waive this requirement if determined in the best interest of the University.


  1. Enter your purchase order request through PCS.
  2. Indicate in the memo any additional information purchasing staff would need to know in regards to this request, any quotes, forms or other documents that you may be sending to Purchasing as an attachment.
  3. Reference the purchase order number on your attachments and send them to pre-audit in Purchasing.
  4. Release your request to the Purchasing Department (050 status).
  5. The Purchasing Department will proceed with the processing of your order under MnSCU Purchasing guidelines.
  6. When your purchase order is approved and printed, it will be at 450 status (open purchase order.)
  7. Purchasing will send the Original printed purchase order to the Vendor or Responsible Person for the account. Duplicate (1) will be given to Accounts Payable, and Duplicate (2) goes the requesting department for their records.

**If you are ordering online, please indicate in the memo whether the PO should be mailed to the Vendor. In most cases, the PO is not mailed to avoid any duplicate ordering.


Questions related to Purchasing or Contracting should be directed to the Purchasing Clerk, Christy Johnson, at extension 6215 or

Last Modified: 8/21/19 12:30 PM