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Purchases over $100,000

When purchases are in excess of $100,000 and the vendor has had more than 40 full-time employees in the past year, the vendor must obtain a Certificate of Affirmative Action Plan Compliance from the State of Minnesota, Department of Human Rights. The University is responsible for verifying that the vendor is in compliance.

At this time, purchases over $100,000 require MnSCU system office approval from the Vice Chancellor for Finance. A memo must be submitted explaining the need for the purchase, the purchase amount, verification that funds are available for paying for the purchase, and describe what process will be used in making the award. This memo is to submitted by the Director of Purchasing. The institution may proceed with the purchase upon approval of the memorandum. Bidding and advertising procedures will follow the same steps as those for purchases greater than $25,000.

Contact Christy Johnson, Purchasing Clerk, at extension 6215 or email to begin this process.

Last Modified: 8/21/19 1:16 PM